Married to a Boy (boyxboy)

Married to a Boy (boyxboy)

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Saphire Goldsmith By YaoiLover801 Completed

[Book One of the "I Fell for a Boy" Series]

Because of a very untimely mistake and announcement, Darren Michaels must now face his consequence and marry the son of a very powerful person - Zee Johannesburg. At first, both disagree due to the fact that they are both guys and that Zee has a girlfriend. But what if Darren develops feelings for Zee? Will he confess it and keep his vow or will he hide it and keep his deal?

Date Started:   17/10/2014
Date Finished: 19/01/2017

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                              LESBIAN TRANSGENDER LIFE—
                              oops I should stop
Iulia-D Iulia-D Mar 28
Love this part a lot. Everyone must be proud of what he is/has :)
xXGenibopXx xXGenibopXx Nov 03, 2017
He probably dropped it when he was running away from the guy
Thou_mirror Thou_mirror Feb 09
So I guess car guy got his ID and he contacted school? Babe it's abort mission now.
Plumpalways Plumpalways Feb 13
I donno y but in every gay stories alk girl seems like a bitch, serious ly annoying
ParrotYT ParrotYT 3 days ago
*Gay (This is not criticizing I just do this in every story ever because I only read gay stories ψ(`∇´)ψ )