The Viking's Promise

The Viking's Promise

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D.K. Combs By dkcombs Updated Sep 26, 2016

Keir, a royal descendant of Fenrir, has one goal. To be the son his father always wanted him to be, and to be the commanding general of his own fleet to raid as a Viking. He had that one goal for years--until chance causes him to meet a nameless, terrified girl with nothing but rags covering her frozen, blue body. Something about Astrid lures him in like a cat to a bird, and soon he realizes that it isn't just the mystery surrounding her that draws him, but the fact that she's his mate--a mate his father promised to protect while taking her to their new territory. 

Instead, she dies along the way, leaving Keir broken, furious, and seeking revenge against the Valkyries who killed her...until he learns something that changes his life forever--and that his not-so-dead mate is actually alive, and has the attitude of the century. No longer is Astrid a meek, lost girl. She's a Valkyrie warrior who just so happens to hate Keir's guts. But when danger to her kind calls for action, she must aid her enemy, and question everything she ever knew about life, her allies...and the one Viking she can't resist.

As the two find themselves working together, secrets come to the forefront, changing everything Keir knew about his life, his mate, and himself. Astrid resists him at every turn, but no matter what she thinks, Keir is her mate, and her attraction to him is undeniable. Danger finds them at every turn, and as Keir slowly breaks down the icy barriers Astrid has in place, their passions run hot and their fate binds together...

- - Jun 22, 2017
Oh my goodness!! This is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! I love how gripping it is. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!!
maaarz maaarz Sep 27, 2016
Yes!!!!! I'm fascinated by this girls character and her inner monologue she is going to interesting to follow.
RomanOfFrance RomanOfFrance Jan 04, 2015
So glad I found you. Your writing is just soooo awesome. And you're awesome too.
MoonOrchid2612 MoonOrchid2612 Jan 01, 2015
It will not let me read it and it sounds like an awesome book.
RoseStoleMyNose RoseStoleMyNose Dec 27, 2014
I love your writing style so much! You're an absolutely wonderful author!
AmyPouse AmyPouse Dec 26, 2014
there is a sentence, it says,"we why would." looks like a typo. Sorry is very intriguing so far.