Childhood Friends - Haruka Nanase x Reader

Childhood Friends - Haruka Nanase x Reader

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"We'll be friends no matter what happens, right?" you asked, holding out your hand.

"Right~!" your friend, Haru, agreed. The two children, who seemed to be age of twelve [sixth grade], pinky promised.


You and Haruka Nanase has been friends ever since birth. How? Both of your parents had been working with each other for quite a while. Out of all the kids you knew, Haru was the one who hung out with you the most. He was there for you when you needed someone to be with and you were also there for him. Yeah, you two got into dumb arguments, but it was taken care of later on.

You both had a thing for swimming and would easily get excited when your parents are taking you to the beach. In fact, Haru had a lot of things in common with you, yet you were both opposites. You were popular at school and he was, well.... A loner. It was just a blessing that you had a friend like him--- Scratch that. Best friend. But then something happened during school at the end of the day.

You don't TRY to confess to Haruka Nanase. You DO confess to Haruka Nanase.
MsChilled MsChilled Aug 09
Me: Haru! I don't want to get any mackerel!
                              Haru: Fuuck you then.
                              Haru: NO MINE MINE MINE MINE!!
Me: Oh dear Mackerel-sama I pleg my eligence to NOW GIMME MY HARU!! 
                              Haru: is that really nesserary?
                              Me: the prayer yeah!!!!
                              Haru: omay I get the prayer but what about the shrine??
-siro- -siro- Aug 07
were* lol sorry for pointing out all the typos, I'm just trying to help you out as I know as a writer how hard it is to notice all of them 😅😊💕💕
Jasmine_TJR Jasmine_TJR Sep 06
If they're 12 they're in 7th grade, I live in Australia and we say year 6 for 12 year olds but I still know that :/