(Girl X Girl) Yuri Book

(Girl X Girl) Yuri Book

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Mary Catherson By XxCxiiRandomnessxX Updated Nov 22, 2016

OMG I JUST CANNOT FINISH A BOOK. Whatever! I know I already have other ones I haven't finished but who cares! So as you read the title there will be GirlxGirl.

Don't like it?

Leave my sight right now ._.

So yeah. 

I Can do,

Anime Girl X Anime Girl

Fem!Reader X Anime Girl 

Admin X Anime Girl 

Admin's OC X Admin's OC

Admin's OC X Anime Girl

Admin X Admin's OC 

Admin X Fem!Reader 

Fem!Reader X Admin's OC 

And Probably More cx 

The next chapter will be about my characters so yeah! I can also do gender bend. I don't know if I can't do like lemon stuff with girls o.o I'll try but it would be horrible.  I can do fluff and/or a hint of sexy. I'll try. Please message me some Anime characters from,

Fairy Tail ( haven't gotten past 50 something )

Hetalia (loads of gender bend0.0 have only seen first two seasons. Might watch other seasons)

Black Butler (only seen first two seasons and don't plan to watch the others.)

those are all the Animes I have watched (I'm so ashamed...)

So yeah! Request! And tell me if I can put your Username on your request thing! if not, I respect it. I'm a cool dude. Well actually I'm a dudette o.o (girl)  well I'm bisexual and I've only dated one girl so I'm not so experienced with lesbian relationships xD. I don't have anything against it. if I did I wouldn't be writing this book now would I? So yeah! I hope you guys will enjoy it!

( Cover Made By Me But I Do Not Own The Image )

  • anime
  • fluff
  • kawaiiness
  • lemons
  • lesbianactions
-_ComputingFandoms_- -_ComputingFandoms_- Nov 22, 2016
I'd like to request Yuno Gasai x OC? If you accept I'll tag you to my OV
Aesthetic_goddess_ Aesthetic_goddess_ Apr 27, 2016
ofc not ;; and im alittle confused myself 2 at times with it
Edd_gy Edd_gy Feb 07, 2016
My character her name is Isobella
                              She is shy around Maya and she has dirty blonde hair. Her eyes are crystal blue and she is obsessed with love
Seiko1218 Seiko1218 Jun 08, 2016
Ezra x reader 
                              :D please I beg you (not a lesbian, but a bisexual)
A0X_Daemon A0X_Daemon Jul 06, 2016
Juvia x Erza (lemon)
                              They fight and Erza criticizes Juvia and  laughed at her, mostly.
                              Then Juvia wants pay back and decided to attack Erza, and fcks her up :3
Edd_gy Edd_gy Feb 07, 2016
The story is that  school ends so Isobella and Maya work on homework at Isobella's house. Isobella's parents are out of town so Maya takes her by surprise and presses her up against the wall and makes out with het