Luna Is For Losers

Luna Is For Losers

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Aaron By Fire_Ice_Wolf Completed

"Sam I am really sorry for this." My father said.

"More detention?" I said sarcastically.

"I can't have anymore fights going on, if you keep doing this you might blow our cover, there are still humans at this school you know." He looked apologetic, he never does that.

"So it is more detention." I said sarcastically again.

"Your going to be transferred to a new school." He said.

"But there aren't any other werewolf schools on the territory." I complained.

Sam is a strange teen wolf. She hates her school and is forced to transfer by her father, the alpha. After the transfer she meets her mate who is an Alpha's son, and a man whore. Will Sam be able to handle this? Will she reject him? Or will he change his ways?

  • alpha
  • fights
  • mate
  • school
  • werewolf
Booklover5464 Booklover5464 Aug 27, 2017
When I was younger my school made all of us do a dance to Roar
TheRealMissInvisible TheRealMissInvisible May 02, 2017
Is that the one where it's like
                              Some nights I wake up sleeping in my bath tub (?)
                              Some nights I call it off
X_Carpe_Librum_X X_Carpe_Librum_X Jul 13, 2017
A beta that she can't rely on or trust? Seriously? That's just going to bite someone in the behind.
When I hear the name Leah in werewolf books I automatically think Leah Clearwater from the Twilight Saga. *gasp* You should have used Leah Clearwater instead of Leah Green!  ;P
overthinker3E overthinker3E Jul 16, 2016
I'm surprised she didn't eat green eggs and ham for breakfast
Taylor_Grace_2602 Taylor_Grace_2602 May 21, 2016
Omfg in Houston TX Oakridge high school is actually a school