Runner, Runner

Runner, Runner

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There's a certain beauty to the way the world lives now, in fear.

Phoenix Ashburn is the head of the London Runners, the best team of vampire slayers in the world. She knows what she's doing, and she knows her job is dangerous--it's also consuming.

Harry Styles is the Master of the Coven, an elusive worldwide legend. He knows what he wants,  and he knows who he needs to get it.

The Ghost, a Runner turned vampire who has a score to settle with the Master.

A mutual threat is about to bring together two archenemies--and what results from such a collision is both beautiful and tragic.

{Cover by the legendary @andallthatjaz1d}

ana_diaz18 ana_diaz18 Mar 24, 2016
Omg this is so creepy. When it said that everyone can choose their own name and that it's short I was like "I'd name myself Ash" and then I keep reading and I'm like WTFFF
gracesalan gracesalan Dec 18, 2016
U said hanna was second oldest but he's 19 so doesn't that mean Hannah's 3rd oldest
em_dogg em_dogg Mar 14, 2016
daisy Mae the comic/cartoon? or the hippie singer is the question lol
esotericnova esotericnova Feb 22, 2016
Idk i feel like if she had started with bat, we would have started to ship it.
nancesofi nancesofi Jan 04, 2016
"dawn of the daisy" is such a great title for this chapter though the play on these words is amazing
jasmine3loveskitties jasmine3loveskitties Aug 19, 2014
I wish I could vote Moe than once. I would vote like a kijillion times