Frozen Asgardians (a Loki and Elsa fan fic- completed)

Frozen Asgardians (a Loki and Elsa fan fic- completed)

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Asgardian_Slytherin By Lokimakerofmischief Completed

When Loki runs off to earth after discovering his parentage, Loki comes face to face with the snow queen. When tragedy strikes Loki is forced to return to Asgard, with Elsa. Read how Loki and Elsa fall in love and the challenges they face. Warning: contains very mild sexual behaviour.

I do not own any characters, but, I do not give permission for any chapters to be re written. By all means write your own Lokixelsa Fan Fiction, but it's not as good when it's someone else's idea. Thank you

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-VoidBella- -VoidBella- Mar 16
yo am I the only one wondering how people didn't figure out that Loki wasn't Odin's son I mean he looks nothing like the sod
WA_Fells WA_Fells Mar 03
I like it! I'm a young writer too, so don't feel too bad x3.
Love chapter 1 ❤️ good job with the story so far.. i cant wait to read more!
WhiteRabbit17 WhiteRabbit17 Apr 14, 2016
Quite a few grammar mistakes, but well written descriptions!
- - Mar 02, 2016
Can they have a kid named Hela? Kind of like what Loki and Sigyn did?
lastavica6 lastavica6 Apr 10, 2016
Good to know Loki, good to konw but I have a better trick witch you can get a womans intrest.
                              Just tell them you have a full fridge.