In Love With My Kidnapper . (A Mindless Behavior Story)

In Love With My Kidnapper . (A Mindless Behavior Story)

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This is a Mindless Behavior Adventure Love story . 

I ran . Running and running . 

I kept on running until I couldn't run no more . 

I turned back and I saw him still chasing after me .

Who the hell was this person ? What did they want with me ?

I screamed all across the neighbourhood ' HELP HELP !'

No one heard . 


This person was still chasing me . Why wouldn't he just give up ?

I tripped over a rock . 

That's when I knew I was finished ...

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JZtheQueen JZtheQueen Mar 04
I'm not even gonna say what I would've done cause I would still be in my home!! Who Tf is knocking on the door at 10 PM? ......... Weirdos, that's who! So why would I open the door? ...... Exactly
QueenBee318 QueenBee318 Dec 11, 2016
Such a white girl moment tripping over that over lol 🍟👩
QueenBee318 QueenBee318 Dec 11, 2016
This nigga is he a new to kiddnaping people because you didn't tell them your name slow
JZtheQueen JZtheQueen Mar 04
No you tripped over air like every retard in horror movies😑😑
- - Dec 31, 2015
Fck that rock If u white I understand but real niggas just don't do that honey pick that rock up and bust a nigga head open with it dang when running gets tough and u trip ova a rock the tough get running and say fck that pussy ace rock and keep going