Cure Me | Kian Lawley

Cure Me | Kian Lawley

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Cassidy Rivers, 16 , was your average teenager. She wasn't that over popular cheerleader and she wasn't the nerd that nobody knew. She was just an average girl, getting on with her everyday life. Yes, she has her problems, she has been through a lot, she has been broken many times. She thinks that nothing will ever change, she thinks she will always be broken, until she meets Kian Lawley, a famous Youtuber from a collab channel called O2L. Kian makes Cassidy happy for the first time in years. But will it last, or will she be broken again? 

 "Kian?..." I ask, quietly under my breath.
 "Yes, Cass?" Kian replied, worry in his voice.
 "Why am I so broken..?" I ask, tears spilling down my face. 

  Love, relationships, heartbreak, regrets and jealousy.

Chooch2152 Chooch2152 Nov 18, 2016
How can she have triple science in one lesson triple science is 3 hours
Nerdgirl173 Nerdgirl173 Jan 01
I thought it said "today is my last day of school",and I was just like bish why ain't you celebratin?
xxaotic xxaotic Aug 09, 2016
Uhm I'm starting a new school in Spain since I moved and Its from 9:30-12:30 like I love my life
tbhqtmuke tbhqtmuke Aug 01, 2016
did anyone else think Luke Hemmings when they saw the name Luke
calfrom5sos calfrom5sos Jun 28, 2016
She just like totally ditched her little bro to go shopping like really
I start at 8:35 but i have to leave home at 7:40 to get there on time