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Raven Mynah By creativecat Updated 2 years ago
A girl who thinks she's sane...A former officer bent on revenge...and lots of death, because isn't blood on snow beautiful?
Whoa! I just read the first chapter, and it sounds great! This is definitely a MUST read.
It's only the first chapter and I can't stop! And YESSSSAAA BLOOD ON SNOW IS BEAUTIFUL!
So at the beginning of story ther iz that one phrase thats in a diff language..i got curious n looked it up on google translate..it means all the dead shuld be remembered..now I no thus is goibg to be a good book!!
It's awesome that you added Latin, i really wanted to know what it means "Et mortuos erit eorum memoria", "And the dead shall be remembered. Creative!
this is so creepy ... I LOVE IT lol XD this is an awesome story idk how people come up with these awesome stories
awesome, but the mental hospital must suck because noone came to go help her.. lol