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It’s_Padfoot_Pidges By punkmeetspastel Updated Mar 22

I stumbled into someone walking away from my brothers room. 

"Oh! I'm sorry!" The guy apologized. 
"That's my brothers room," I nodded to the hospital room, "what were you doing in there?"
"Oh! He's friends with my little brother. I'm sorry about what happened."
"Not your fault. I don't get why people apologize about stuff like that." 
The guy let out a sad laugh, "Yeah. Me neither." 

The guy was Frank Iero. 
I'm Gerard Way. 
My brother- Mikey- tried to commit. 
Frankies brother- Pete- came as soon as he heard. 

Who knew that we would end up where we are now.

Okay imma clear this up- 

Mikey - Gerard 
Micha - Pete 
Frank calls him by his freaking name 

Pete- Gerard/Frank 
Petey (or some other pet name) - Michael

Gee- Michael 
Gee( or some other pet name) - Frank 
Gerard- Pete.

Frankie- Gerard 
Frank- Pete/Michael