Bad Apple [A Twilight FanFic] Unedited

Bad Apple [A Twilight FanFic] Unedited

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In this story everything has changed. 

What would have happened if Edward had been able to change his science class that first day? Would things have changed between Bella and Edward or would things worked out in the end? 

Well in this story something very different has happened. Edward changed science class causing Mike to become Bella's new partner. 

Eventually sparks fly between the two and suddenly they are dating. Then after months of dating something about Mike changes. Instead of New Moon happening Bella's going through an abusive relationship with Mike Newton. She's not close with Jake or anyone else for fear Mike would get jealous and hurt them or kill her. 

In this story everything has changed but mostly everything's the same. 

The Cullen's are still vampires and Jake has just changed into a werewolf. Alice's visions are about to change everything Bella knows and holds dear to her heart.

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- - Jan 01, 2017
If it was me, I'd pump Mike's ass so full of rock salt he'd barf margaritas.
Cullen_Girl Cullen_Girl Jun 19, 2016
I've never read it, but I can already tell it'll be good. This is a compliment and you should be proud of your book, because I'm VERY picky... Good job
LaBleueLune LaBleueLune Dec 28, 2016
Poor Bella...  Wish Edward was there so he could protect her from Mike. Ugh...
Shinobily Shinobily Sep 27, 2016
That was intense but at the same time great!! It makes me crave to read the book
Cullen_Girl Cullen_Girl Jun 19, 2016
You know, I was hoping THIS chapter would be about how it all started. You know, Bella catches Edward changing his schedule, mike being her partner, mike asking her out, mike slowly being mean... Just letting you know that. If somebody else who reads this agrees, please respond
devoue devoue Mar 14, 2015
Dude. Holy freaking crap. This is going to be good. I can tell.