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Play Rough (Sober Gamzee [+ Makaras] x Reader) Lemon/Smut

Play Rough (Sober Gamzee [+ Makaras] x Reader) Lemon/Smut

239K Reads 2.8K Votes 20 Part Story
Alex Dahlgren By UberHaxorAlex Completed

A Homestuck fanfic involving Sober Gamzee... And a lil' bit of the other Makaras.

TheDeathOfBenadette TheDeathOfBenadette Mar 21, 2016
If gam has red eyes I'm pretty sure he's the opposite of high...hints this being a Soper gamzee thing not a high AF gam thing....:p
Nobody-And-Everybody Nobody-And-Everybody Sep 14, 2016
Translation:Let me go you motherfûcking asshat i swear to Fûck if this doesn't stop I will kick you in the goddamn bonebuldge!
                              Sorry,i was bored
Golden_Helm Golden_Helm Feb 13
I had to like go back up and read it after we find out he wasn't trying to kill us all. Nice writing.
EdgeyMcHotStuff EdgeyMcHotStuff Nov 17, 2016
😗*pokerface* Oh my, GamGam you need to calm yo tentabulge
piscesnight piscesnight Feb 15
Red=Sober Gamzee
                              Not when he's high. And when he is high he is a total sweet heart. It's why he eats that soper pie stuff. To be high as a cloud.
Anuyushi Anuyushi Jan 26, 2016
Well I went and got really excited when I saw an awesome Gamzee X Reader story but then iw as just depressed when it's turns out I had read this one before. Scroll down lol I even have a comment XD
                              Oh well. This story is still awesome thou