One Direction Interracial Preferences. (Love Don't Cost A Thing.)

One Direction Interracial Preferences. (Love Don't Cost A Thing.)

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ZainMalikx By ZainMalikx Updated Sep 28, 2015


You've just got off work and you were frustrated because your boss wanted to act like a complete ass today and yell at you about everything. You still decided to go by the store to grab a few things before you head back to your apartment.

You stroll around Target thinking of what you need when run into a flat surface. You look up and see a pair of green eyes staring back you. Clearly he was checking you out. You scoffed.

"Do me a favor and watch where your going next time." You said walking around him.

"Sorry, Love" he said in a deep British accent that you just couldn't put your finger.

You just nodded and proceeded on your way. You know you were being rude but today was not your favorite.

You go to the food section and start looking at some bananas and you see the same man you ran into early. He was staring at you so you rolled and walked away.

You stopped to look at some candy because you had a terrible sweet tooth. And you looked over to see him again. He was followi...

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deachel deachel Nov 02, 2015
I actually don't give a f*ck if my hair is done. I like to swim PLUS it's Niall freaking Horan
AllehBoo AllehBoo Jan 22, 2015
gurl pls of course he's my type. I'd be laughing nervously like hell if this happened
- - Nov 10, 2014
Yes finally someone realizes that NOT ever girl the boys are with have to be white. ♥ the preferences so far girly, keep it up :)