[Editing] You Bruise Me, You Hurt Me

[Editing] You Bruise Me, You Hurt Me

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Victoria By ahungryghoulx Updated Dec 28, 2012

Emma Lester loves her big brother to bits, but she knows the way he loves her back is not of just sibling love... The love Darren Lester has for his younger sister is love that is forbidden, taboo, a sin. Emma thinks she can keep what Darren feels for her, the kisses, the caresses a secret but someone soon finds out; and uses this new detail to blackmail Emma.

Add in the many suitors that soon enter Emma's life and heart, who will she choose, who will be the one that ends a tale just to begin another?

Love triangles beyond imagination, plot twists of all kinds, and the difficulty in finding true love. A life Emma Lester never thought would ever happen to her. Not until now.

(WARNING!! This story contains brotherxsister, so if that is not what you want to read or see please move on. Thank you!)

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