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Colin Skinner By ColinSkinner2 Updated Mar 04, 2014

The Djara, Nirgalen, seeks to find the true meaning of Tau, and the power it can bring.  Travelling back through time, he sets in place the series of events that lead to his own creation.

The Nephilim and descendants of Lilith are the seeds that sow a harvest of doom, to bring on The End Times.  Angels, demons and vampires, bring destruction and rebirth.

Chasing Nirgalen through Time are Agents of The Void, who seek to manipulate the world to suit their own ends.  The Agents of The Void do not want Nirgalen to succeed.

Will Djara and Tau become one, or will The Jaws of The Void finally close on all of existence?  Only Time... and Tau, will tell.

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