You, Me & He

You, Me & He

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EK Williams By EKtheAuthor Completed

Twenty-five-year-old Simone Harris, an only child of addict parents, is finally emerging from her disturbing childhood. While trying to make a life for herself, despite where she's from, her heart performs the ultimate transgression making Simone's life more about saving it than making it.

	For years she's lectured her BFF Tosh on the dangers of dating minions (thugs). So when Simone finds herself falling for Zeke, the right-hand-minion to one of Kansas City's most notorious untouchables, she decides to keep their romance a secret from Tosh and everyone else for that matter.

	After nearly a year of trying to secretly blend their opposite lives, the drug dealer and the artist are finally ready to come clean, but the night before they plan to go public, an unexpected betrayal throws a rift in their affair. Simone has to learn the hard way exactly how much love is worth, and how much love is worth losing in the face of family and friends as her adult life begins to mimic the traumatizing childhood she's still running from. Surrounded by secrets and treachery of the deepest kind, the barrel of a gun impels Simone to choose. ...her heart, or her future.

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