Fanboy? (Narry)

Fanboy? (Narry)

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Jade! :) By narry_on_top_ Updated Nov 19, 2015

Niall Horan;
20 years old
Works at The Underground 
Best friend, Tyler
Crushing on 1/4 of 4 Direction

Harry Styles;
20 years 
1/4 Of 4 Direction
Best Friends, Liam, Zayn and Louis

One tweet will change Niall's life. One boy will change Harry's life. 
One Heart
One Love
One Chance

Or is there two?

@sstrawberrymann @extraordinarryme  I have have a weird ass mashup of kiss you and work in my head? It's not very pleasant xD
I can't read books where one member of one direction are fanboys because I end up fangirling with them and then my family thinks I'm having a seizure 😂😂😂
We've been dragged down ;) so far that we are far past the stage of 'obsession'
Four direction is such a lame name though 😩😩 but damn Niall, millions of followers? Wow
Okay where they like not famous at the time like 2010/11 around when they were just starting up ? Because damn 3/4 following u all at once in 2016 is impossible whether u are gay straight or pan or bi or have millions of followers 😩😩😩
                              Four directions all right :((