Their Lunatic Minds

Their Lunatic Minds

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Grimes town, 

A mysterious territory ruled by an influential family known under the name of the Grimes, they concealed a secret only shared between father and son, that secret was their unknown power; the ability to hear beyond the human's brain.

In other words; Mind-reading.

This capacity benefited them through the generations to become rich and affluent.

The citizens of this town lived a prosperous life, which is why the rate of psychiatric illnesses was low but possessing a fortunate life didn't prevent an innocent soul from plunging into the darkness.

In fact, Meghan Wood a teenage girl suffered a severe depression because of her social anxiety and that's what pushed her to do something unimaginable.

She was naive and her social anxiety didn't enable her to understand people, she was also clueless about the fact that someone loved her in secret, He showed up like a typhoon, an intense hurricane thrusting into her heart, thereupon that thunderstorm slowly turned into a radiant glow, a light that will carry her out from the grimy clouds.

Noah Grimes also called (sarcastically) the king, he lived a pampered life that's why he pushes his way everywhere, he was the polar opposite of Meghan, he talks without caring about anyone's opinion even if it was nonsense, he was a sexy lunatic and a bit of a mischievous devil but the volume of her mind tingled his heart, she was his moonlight.
They were perfect from the surface but their minds trapped lunacy, and their love for each other was the only antidote. 


Note: This Story Contains Some Mature Scenes And Swear Words. You've Been Warned.

28 June - 02 July 2020
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Released in April 2020.