Preachers Kid J.P

Preachers Kid J.P

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ROYALTY. By Miyahbabyy Completed

Avani is a Preachers Kid. And as you all know Preachers Kid's are usually the ones who cant do anything.  Her dad is the Pastor of one of the biggest churches in Virginia. She feels as if she's obligated to always be the good girl. she never even asked for her life. She just wish she could be normal, but her Dad has  so many rules, and her parents never want to listen to what she wants. It's just all about them, and church life. Basically this is Avani's Life. Chuch comes first.  School. Dance (But only Spiritual) And that's it

Her life is so boring until Jacob Perez Takes her on a wild trip...she'll never forget. 

Gia is Avani's best friend. She's always happy, and just having fun, living day by day, sinning day, by day. But what really goes on in her life? When she mets Chresanto everything in her life starts to change, and she can only depend on the lord to help her before she has a mental breakdown.

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What a coincidence... I went to the skating rink yesterday. It was fun but my right hand was fractured already and I fell on it. Then I fell on the other one.
Qveencrn Qveencrn Jul 03, 2016
Preachers kid rite
                              Lord forgive me wen I say it
                              But the preachers kids are always the ones out of it I cant😭
_-Zayy-_ _-Zayy-_ Jan 08, 2017
Lol I wanted to go to the skating rink today my mom nd  dad are preachers😒😒they both said nope
QueensMotion QueensMotion Sep 08, 2016
Don't currupt her mind. That nigga don't clear your mind he makes mfs heads hurt. Try something where you can understand the words.
QueensMotion QueensMotion Sep 08, 2016
Why the hell you tryna go to the hookah bar at 8 AM anyway. Is that even possible. 😂😂 girll
kaliesha26 kaliesha26 Jan 18, 2016
Well think about it like this you almost grown and you got like a year till you can move out ... So they can't control you nomore you better move away