[Discontinued] BEN Drowned X Reader: Error 404: L.O.V.E

[Discontinued] BEN Drowned X Reader: Error 404: L.O.V.E

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Discontinued Story

Posted cover photos and art can be found on my Deviantart account: http://miuu-chan.deviantart.com/gallery/ 

Disclaimers: This is only a work of pure fiction. None of these are to be taken seriously and  there are sure to be trigger warnings and bad language up ahead. Consider yourself warned. BEN Drowned is a fictional character from a creepypasta story posted by a person named Jadusable and has since been a popular and infamous character around the internet. This fanfiction's sole purpose it not to encourage any harmful or violent activity. But it is to help me improve my writing skills and expand my imagination. And also for you readers. :D

This wouldn't be possible without the encouragement of you!

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Fabulous-Garbage Fabulous-Garbage Feb 17, 2016
Great writing, moving to a good plot in a good pace, good details
                              You are very rare and talented my friend, I give you two thumbs up and I'm recommending this :)
Rivaiolii Rivaiolii Aug 11, 2016
Actually... That wasn't a dream, it happened last week when I went swimming in the lake with my friends.
ColorzInk ColorzInk Sep 07, 2016
-watches the 4th wall break again- C'MON!!! I JUST FIXED THAT!
- - Mar 01, 2016
When you said 'just a few blocks away' my mind immediately went on blocks. I'm so weird
WillowDahPillow WillowDahPillow Nov 29, 2015
No offence but what DID you expect. Your cute, you are always talking to the 'cutest guy' in school and your anti-Social! My life in a nutshell...
My_Wounded_Embrace My_Wounded_Embrace Jul 02, 2015
Yes I'm friends with the heart throb! Got a problem? Oh well you can suck my *mouth gets covered* muffled word.