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Trapped on the prison island of Chenga, Kirad Nirgalen begins to discover the true nature of his people-  The Djara.  Shapeshifters, demons or angels, who knows what the Djara are.  Spies and assassins, with skills that were the stuff of legend, that is all that the old stories tell of the Djara.

Seeking the whereabouts of Nirgalen, is a vampire from another universe.  When vampire and shapeshifting Djara come together, the fate of the world will be decided.

From the ashes of a world brought low by disaster, the Shardahn Temple will rise once again: its aim to destroy the dark powers that have sucked the world dry.

Shapeshifters, demons, angels and vampires come together to fight creatures of The Void and a dark Lord, known only as Baal.

  • angel
  • apocalypse
  • demon
  • djara
  • fantasy
  • fiction
  • multiple-dimension
  • multiple-universe
  • parallel
  • parallel-universe
  • science
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ColinSkinner2 ColinSkinner2 Sep 27, 2012
It's tricky, making the 'unbelievable' ring true.  A lot of this follows on from later chapters in 'Chenga'.  I'm not sure how well it holds up on its own.
ColinSkinner2 ColinSkinner2 Sep 22, 2012
Some valid points there.  I'll have a think about that.  The idea here was to have an almost 'biblical' tone... but I could drop the bold and italics.  it also follows on from the beginning of the first part... Chenga.
                              It's great to have constructive comments though...thanks for that.