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Warrior Cats Mating Stories

Warrior Cats Mating Stories

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Dead_On_The_Inside By Dead_On_The_Inside Updated Jun 28, 2015

Um so I'll be writing mating stories about cats from the series. Please don't read this book if you are underaged or only plan on reporting me and my commenters.

BlueStarsBiggestFan BlueStarsBiggestFan Sep 06, 2016
Sandstorm and Fireheart
                              They fall in love and they start doing a lot of sexily things and they ru away together and do a lot of suckling!
Sparklzkat Sparklzkat Apr 28, 2016
Dovewing and bumblestripe 
                              Love.....dovewing doesn't think about tigerheart please
Jedi_4_Ever Jedi_4_Ever Jul 27, 2016
Nightfoot; black she cat with darker black dapples and white front paws and hazel eyes.
                              Reedstar; brown tabby tom with one white toe on his left foot and yellow eyes.
Stuck_In_Nightmares Stuck_In_Nightmares Jul 05, 2016
Stormfur and Squirrelflight, r*pe. Cinderpelt and Firestar, love. Silverstream and Firestar, love. Littlecloud and Cinderpelt, r*pe. Sorry if I requested too much! XD
I_Love_Twilight_Now I_Love_Twilight_Now Nov 03, 2015
Whitestorm and spottedleaf and darkstripe and lionheart together. Plz
shanoodle shanoodle Oct 25, 2015
Lion blaze : A yellow tom ,warrior of thunderclan with yellow bright eyes
                              Hazelpaw: A redish brown fired she cat with blue marine eyes, and apprentice of thistleclan.