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My Best Friend Went To England And All I Got Was Harry Styles? (EDITING)

My Best Friend Went To England And All I Got Was Harry Styles? (EDITING)

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danielle By LouisYouHottie Completed

Everybody in the world knows One Direction. Everybody including Violet, a very normal girl who enjoys her very normal life. 

So what happens when her best friend, Amber, returns from her trip to
England with an unconscious Harry Styles?

Cᴏᴘʏʀɪɢʜᴛ © LouisYouHottie

London99Dreamer London99Dreamer Oct 13, 2016
God bless Amber then, where can I sign up to have one? You know since I need to find a way to kidnap Harry, right?
falloniousmoore falloniousmoore Feb 20, 2016
i laughed so much when i read the description because my friends will right crazy books about me and use the name amber even though my name is fallon
conflications conflications Feb 24, 2016
Take a selfie and then take his body , put it in a glass box and keep him in your room , so that way everyday when u wake up u can see harry first
legendloueh legendloueh Jan 01
I have a question. How did she bring Harry in a plane unconscious and how did she bring him to the woman's bathroom without anyone noticing?
sethaditi sethaditi Jan 15
Unconscious HARRY STYLES! Ohmygoddddd...amber...where  are you my bff!!😂
kaylamae01 kaylamae01 Dec 22, 2015
If that was me in that sitution ill probably be like amber what the heck did you do to this poor boy !