From Embers || Wattys 2019

From Embers || Wattys 2019

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Jeanette By StarbucksMocha Updated Sep 05

The War has ended. As the dust settles, the human race retreats underground as supernatural beings reign supreme on the surface.

Jai-Jai has spent her life in the shadows, raised in webs of lies and distrust. She finally breaks free; only to find herself in the middle of the next brewing war. Thrust into a mismatched group to prevent another apocalypse, her past threatens to obliterate any future hopes of peace.

Something sinister is stirring in the shadows, the darkness stands poised, waiting.

With weapons that could the wipe out the remains of humankind and the populace crying for blood, the world as they know it is threatened.

Can a group of misfits save it all?

(Cover by Zatzka)
(Edited by NoseDeep)

~ Updated every Wednesday~

I am constantly editing previous chapters as I write, so any feedback is appreciated!

  • -romance
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  • betrayal
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