Kissing You - [BWWM Teen Romance]

Kissing You - [BWWM Teen Romance]

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Niá Monroe. By NiaMonroe_xo Completed

Sasha Pierce is seventeen African & Latin American girl in high school. She likes to keep everybody in check and never lets a boy get into her head. Kyle Carlson is your typical promiscuous player and all he ever wants to do is get inside a girl's head. Two opposites clash and causes an eruption of love, lust, anger, protection and domination. Experience Sasha's journey as she witnesses that the high school bad boy has more than one persona and how he can possess her, obsess her and make her his own.

[CONTAINS:] *Strong Language* & *Sexual Content*

• STORY STATUS: Completed (with a sequel)
• COVER ART/MEDIA: created by me

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Rozes_of_fire Rozes_of_fire 4 days ago
Why didn't she stand her ground. She just had to moan😒😒
ashley_xo12 ashley_xo12 May 28
In real life *in my experience anyway* white boys don't mess with black girls unless they're friends
Pixie__16 Pixie__16 May 27
That's like as simple as Shakespeare language could come 😂 😂
Rozes_of_fire Rozes_of_fire 4 days ago
Water is boneless humans since we are made up of more than 75% water
AgoungBol AgoungBol Jul 09
Man why can't she have a smart aśś comeback like "or.. it could be the fact that you have an extra pinky and it keeps poking my thigh".
calenna_love calenna_love 5 days ago
Y'all really getting mad over something an FICTIONAL character said😂 I get where she coming from if I'm changing I don't a guy and definitely no girl staring me down. It's not about if they want her or not it's still uncomfortable asf🤷🏾‍♀️💀