Life of the top/best guard(SCP story)

Life of the top/best guard(SCP story)

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters from the SCP Foundation unless I tell that I do own them.

What the best guard does in the scp foundation.

My job is to contain,capture,recontain,guard,and protect people here at the scp foundation.

I am part of the alpha-12 team and I am its leader.Yes I am the leader of the Alpha-12 team or you could call it I am the commander.

(I have no idea if the Alpha-12 team is actually a thing,but,I thought it sounded right.)

But what will happen when the SCP's cause the one of the largest/biggest breaches? What will the commander do? Well, will see about that....

Me: Am bad at descriptions.

Updates: One(1) week- Three(3) weeks/ 1 week-3 weeks
If not then I'm sorry

This was just an idea that popped up in my head so no hate please.