Teacher's Pet

Teacher's Pet

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Voldemort has successfully infiltrated the Ministry... but instead of getting rid of the Mudbloods, he has a far better idea... Due to the new Marriage Law, female Muggle Borns from the fifteen and above must marry (and reproduce with) a Pure or Half Blood of the choice of the Department of Matrimony or forfeit their wands and live out the rest of their lives as what they truly are- Muggles. What happens when Hermione Granger, Gryffindor princess, is Paired with the hateful Potions Master? It has to be some sort of mistake... I mean, a teacher can't... marry... a student... right?

Set during The Half Blood Prince

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Silly_Smol_Bean Silly_Smol_Bean Apr 23, 2017
Me when it's 2 in the morning talking to my friend whose telling me to shut up and go to bed
I just, whyyyyy. I don't even know why I'm reading this. I don't ship. Why are they shipped?
SnapeLittleLioness SnapeLittleLioness Aug 06, 2017
ron is being ron as usual . never stop eating good food .. 😂😂
Dank-voldemort Dank-voldemort Sep 19, 2017
I literally screamed...I'm at the dinner table and now everyone is staring at me
--helios --helios Jun 21, 2017
Nope the relationship is not well built. It cannot be this rushed.
gestrada320 gestrada320 Jan 29, 2017
Manner....lol. Made me laugh for some reason. 👏👏😂
                              Great story so far btw...