Basorexia | bxbxb

Basorexia | bxbxb

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Ashley By SimplisticPassion Updated Feb 28

"Will you two just stop!" I screamed hearing the dark lust that consumed me. "Stop what?" The two said in unison, the look in their eyes didn't make it easier to contain my hunger. 

Backing up I desperately tried to keep the slightest amount of distance but every step I took they closed in with two more. 
"Stop trying to make me admit I want you!" I screamed back, finishing my sentence I felt the cold lockers hit my back.

 It wasn't long before both solid bodies we're pressed against my own making me scream inside.
Their eyes poured into my body with such intensity I couldn't resist the throaty moan that's been begging for a release. I felt a hand grip my hair tightly pulling with a bit of force before trailing hot kisses down my throat and over my collar bone but stopped after one suck.  The feeling returned on the other side of my neck as lips touch my ear his hot breathe making me shiver. The quarterback's lips against my neck sucking as his goalie brother whispered in my ear.

He licked just below my neck blowing to send shivers down my spine "We'll stop trying when you stop fighting".

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imafangirlupeasant imafangirlupeasant Jul 16, 2017
Me and my mom actually do this. She's a teacher so I'll ask her how work was and she'll go " was work." And vise versa it's a weird inside joke we do when we're to tired to make conversation
Cheese_And_Anime Cheese_And_Anime May 12, 2017
Ya know the bigger the muscles the smaller the d-- nvm (•^~^•)7" hehehe.... uhhh Ó~~Ò"
No wonder it's been cold lately.
                              (I live in Texas and I've had actual measurable  amounts of snow twice this winter and is suddently really cold here)
lampeggiantee lampeggiantee Sep 02, 2017
She had the opportunity to call him Gay-son. But she HAD to waste it.
Wait if the car crash was 2 years ago than how is he still three.
You’re awake now, right? That would have been weird if he was whispering in his ear his plans while he was asleep.