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Misty ❄ Lucy By Mistyswirl Updated Mar 19, 2020

I didn't cry about losing my genetic identity until three years later on May 21st. I was sitting in my upholstered leather chair and suddenly my arms clanked heavily to the polished desk, as if they had run out of juice. I stared at them with my empty eyes that had been rendered unable to process.

If only my brain could forget her like my body has.

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Subject 26B wakes up from a long slumber with very few memories and a brand new body. Their only friend? A young scientist with a knack for robotics. But Beta's problems are just beginning. As the product of 26 long years of research, the tech that their body is made out of is highly valuable, and the American Garland Base has plans for them.

In a whole new environment where the authorities are demanding and the consequences are high, how will Beta survive and find their own identity?