The scars of her secrets. (UNDER MAJOR REVISION & EDITING)

The scars of her secrets. (UNDER MAJOR REVISION & EDITING)

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Zarina's a woman running for her life from a abusive ex. She founds herself in a small town in North Carolina, a older man Rick takes her in and gives her a job. He has a strong need to protect her and so dose his wolf. Yes hes a werewolf and a member of the the second strongest pack in the world. 

Liam and Mason are the twin alphas of their pack. They will share a mate but haven't found her yet. The men go to Ricks to meet the woman he has taken in and finds out she is their mate. They couldn't be happier but she doesn't let them close to her. She is scared of her past and what may still be headed her way. The alphas will stop at nothing to keep her safe and win her heart. 

How will Zarina cope with all the changes, will she accept the werewolf's or run from them. Will she let the men become a part of her life or stay hidden in the shadows forever.

VanillaBeanKittty VanillaBeanKittty Aug 14, 2017
That's my name. Finally someone uses an exotic name like mine🙌🏽🙌🏽
ZabrinaChristiansen ZabrinaChristiansen Nov 19, 2016
Damn I really hates when men are abusive. I'm always thinking I hope they will mead there karma one day
Quack_queen Quack_queen Jan 26, 2017
Not to be rude or anything, I don't know if its just me but the time doesn't make any sense. It says "a few months a ago I lost my parents". And then it goes to a year later where he asks her out.
lovely_undifined lovely_undifined Aug 23, 2016
Not my crazy aśs I would've been stabbed or got him killed put your hands on my if you want to without my permission 😒 lol
foodslover1 foodslover1 Jul 22, 2016
I have seen a movie called heaven  (I think .. Some of the things relate to this  )it's not a werewolf movie but it's a nice one . You guys should watch it
kiki-17-25 kiki-17-25 Jan 16, 2017
Please go read my new book I'm a new writer on wattpad and would love the publicity it's called "our hollow desires" and I love your book it inspired me to write my own