Inthezaar Uss Pal Ka..!

Inthezaar Uss Pal Ka..!

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Deeksha Cheruku By DeekshaReddy23 Updated 5 days ago

A Man, The head of the Family.. A orthodox.. Always wishes to control and rule the family according the norms and beliefs which are set by him and from which he learnt from his parents..!

A Women, Bahu of the Family..Loves her family to the core.. But also against her Father in Law's rules.. Is looking for a opportunity to break the belief of her Father in law..

A Man, Son of the Family.. Whose passion is Wild Life photography.. But has to take up the business upon his Grandfather's order.. Is looking for a chance to get back on his passion...

Will The head of the Family continue to rule the family.. Or will the bahu ever get the chance to change her Father in law's ways.. Or will ever the son get a chance to follow his passion..??

To know more peep inside..