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Touch. \\Ereri\\

Touch. \\Ereri\\

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Literally Procrastinating By Mr_Rivaille_ Updated Jul 27, 2015

\\Blind!LevixEren AU\\
Levi Rivaille Ackerman is your common teen, cynical, sarcastic, blunt, somewhat rude, and indifferent. But he also happens to be blind--totally blind, yet manages to act as if he still retains his sight. When he gets accepted to a prestigious performing arts school, he will find someone who finds him to be the most fascinating person in world--in just one click. 
((Dafaq does that even mean? I know sorry that was a weird description anyway, hope you like it~))

Yeah, I've always shipped Levi and Mikasa as friends, if that makes sense. They're just so alike......same last name......both have dark hair.......both have an emotionless face 80% of the time.....
That moment when you thought you knew a little French from French class, but really, you forgot everything that you learned.
I'm just imagining how maybe once Levi goes to that school, he'll play the violin where Eren can hear it, and Eren will be reaaally impressed. Just a theory that will probably be wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
By that I mean because I've always listened to stuff loudly since I was like four, my hearing is getting lesser and lesser
If mikasa wasn't so over protective I could see her and Levi getting along
And these, children, are the Erwineous Eybro caterpillars. Once they get large enough and eat enough negative comments about them, they will sprout to be beautiful butterflies of old man fat and dandruff!