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Touch. \\Ereri\\

Touch. \\Ereri\\

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Literally Procrastinating By Mr_Rivaille_ Updated Jul 27, 2015

\\Blind!LevixEren AU\\
Levi Rivaille Ackerman is your common teen, cynical, sarcastic, blunt, somewhat rude, and indifferent. But he also happens to be blind--totally blind, yet manages to act as if he still retains his sight. When he gets accepted to a prestigious performing arts school, he will find someone who finds him to be the most fascinating person in world--in just one click. 
((Dafaq does that even mean? I know sorry that was a weird description anyway, hope you like it~))

LarrysAssCheeks LarrysAssCheeks Nov 20, 2016
Lmao I feel like I can make it through this book cuz I've survived some death! X blind! Ones before
RedfoxAkame RedfoxAkame Aug 29, 2016
'Levi Rivaille"? I'm sorry but... why did you repeat his name twice?
SilverRaven0 SilverRaven0 Oct 04, 2016
This is supposed to be sad, but the comments make my tears going back to my eyes again...
RedfoxAkame RedfoxAkame Sep 11, 2016
Is it me or... this trio doesn't really work in my mind? 😄
rivaille-ackerman rivaille-ackerman Sep 19, 2016
Idk but I just really like fanfics where Levi speaks French either cause I speak it too or it sounds really cool