The Golden Boy's Girl {Complete} {undergoing SEVERE editing}

The Golden Boy's Girl {Complete} {undergoing SEVERE editing}

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*WARNING: This was my first story, enough cheesiness to give you a heart attack, and so many grammar and spelling errors to make Hitler keel over and die (get it? Cause, Hitler, grammar Nazi?... okay never mind, even I have to admit that was lame.)WARNING*
Fayelynn Collins 

The invisible girl

Synonyms: Loser, social pariah, outcast

Daniel Mason 

The gorgeous golden boy

Synonyms: Popular, beloved, likable

But one day,this loser catches the eye of the golden boy and everything in her world swirls upside down and inside out

Can she truly be The Golden Boy’s Girl?

…Or are  their worlds just too different?
"There has to be more to life than high school and it's stupid drama right?" I say, swinging back and forth on the hammock
"I think that life just becomes versions of high school, where ever you go. There's is always a queen bee, always some nerd, always a loser and always a couple of jocks even if they wear a suit instead of a football jersey," He answers thoughtfully and I sigh
"I hope not, I want to be different from that, not just a regular face in the yearbook and not somebody who cheats their way to the top."

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JennaClapp JennaClapp Sep 19, 2016
Ahh I love this name I had never heard it until I read the misfortinues of Carrie and now I'm in love, it's so cute
chelsriddle chelsriddle Oct 04, 2014
Sounds interesting! And of course id follow you! Better start reading. 
naturallygrethan naturallygrethan Aug 21, 2014
This book sounds very interesting and I can tell this will be one of my personal favourites