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The Secret (OHSHC FanFic)

The Secret (OHSHC FanFic)

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☆Kirsten☆ By ineligible Updated Mar 02

What do you think of when you hear the word 'vampire'? Haruhi Fujioka thinks of her good friend, Akane.  The reason? Akane is a vampire.  No, she does not glitter in the sunlight, or burn in it. Akane knew Haruhi before the host club, before middle school, and before elementary! Now, Haruhi owes Akane, so Akane is now a resident in the Fujioka household. That means, going to school with Haruhi also.  Akane somehow got into Ouran with Haruhi. Akane likes watching over Haruhi, so she gets pulled into every scheme Haruhi gets pulled into. 

 Hey, this is my second fanfiction! If you got any ideas PLEASE comment them! I would sooo use them! Then that chapter would be dedicated to YOU!

DogeWoww DogeWoww Mar 12
if you wanna live dont i mean DONT wake i mean WAKE her i mean HER up
Am I the only one that said this in a demonic voice? Probably..
1-800-sixtynine 1-800-sixtynine Nov 24, 2016
Let me just *wakes her up* 
                              AAAAAAAAHHHH *runs after her looking at me* SHE WILL EAT ME 
RoseThorn45 RoseThorn45 Jan 11
Are you for real douche bag?
                              Bc, being compared to a wilting rose isn't exactly, um, f l a t e r i n g's my height...finally a story gets my height on point!
1-800-sixtynine 1-800-sixtynine Nov 24, 2016
Dude what if she is starving and like the only thing around her is herself and her blood 
                              Would that mean she would just eat herself?