The Boy Next Door

The Boy Next Door

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Brooklynn Thomson, is a teenage girl from the big city known as New York. 
When Brooke's parents are gone a little too long on a business trip, her Aunt and Uncle force her to move to Canada with them. Upon her moving in with her Aunt and Uncle, Brooke meets her next door neighbor, Justin. When they meet, things start to change faster than Brooke can keep up, and secrets start to pour out. Can Brooklynn handle everything she's going to find out? 
How will this big time city girl, transform into a small town woman?

[contains mature content]

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OliviaLambertiscool2 OliviaLambertiscool2 Oct 21, 2016
I'll be 13 in 4 months sssooo I'm reading this anyway😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍
WhoIsSierra WhoIsSierra Jul 29, 2015
I'm wondering. Do you count pointing out grammatical errors as 'rude'? I wouldn't be rude about it, just bring it to your attention to better your work.