The Teenage Baby

The Teenage Baby

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Lilia just got her report card. She was almost positively that she had at least one B. Even an 89% would make her mom super mad. When she got inside her mom (Rosmary) was sitting on the couch. 

R= rosemary L=Lilia

R- How was school?

L- Good we got our report cards

R- did you get strait  As? 

L- I think so

R- good you will be very sorry if you don't 

Lilia hands her mom the envelope.

R- I am so disappointed in you! You got an 58 in math!

L- I am sorry I thought I was keeping up! 

R- go upstairs get fully undressed and wait in the corner in my room

Rosemary gets a box of stuff and goes in to her room. "Lean over the bed Lilia Mary Johnson!" She does. Rosemary takes a thick leather belt out of the closet. "On second thought, go cut me a nice long whippy switch." Lily finds one and brings it inside. "That is not long enough ten penaltys.  She comes back with a longer one. "Not whippy enough or long enough twenty more penaltys. Now I am going to go get one." " No Mommy you don't ...

RedButt2015 RedButt2015 May 10, 2016
wow! almost like one of my fantasies! I love funderwear....... when I'm reading this though, I pretend it's a b x b story
nomoreussernamess nomoreussernamess Jan 18, 2015
@cutysarah I'm sorry its been so long but I will try to daily ❤❤