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The dirty secrets (Supernatural fanfic - Sam x reader)

The dirty secrets (Supernatural fanfic - Sam x reader)

70.1K Reads 2.3K Votes 11 Part Story
Foxie_89 By Foxie_89 Completed

This is a reader insert story:) You are a normal girl studying at university, but since you met Sam Winchester everything changed. After a crappy day he made you smile and promised you, that he will definitely see you again. But you know what happens to Sam's girlfriends, right?

HBTanner HBTanner Sep 24, 2016
Hey, I have only two life philosophy's,
                              Never deny food if it is offered to you,
                              Misters after Winchesters
Silhouette1001 Silhouette1001 Sep 07, 2016
I feel like I shouldn't read this due to the description
                              Yet I am
Sweet-Fate Sweet-Fate Dec 30, 2016
Hetalia/Yoi or Sam Winchester...  Sh-t life is hard 😭😭
Jessa_Winchester Jessa_Winchester Aug 07, 2016
"My name is (y/n)" time to use a fake name because mine is "Jess"!
Kairanix Kairanix Nov 29, 2016
when you're only on the first season and you're already reading fanfictions and have no idEa who TF cAsTiEl Is
Aria_Winchester003 Aria_Winchester003 Aug 10, 2016
Woaaahhh lol already inviting him to your house eh?
                               ( ͡° ͜ ʖ  ͡°  )