Opposite Attracts

Opposite Attracts

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 Meet Matt Leonardo. One of the wealthiest men in California. The owner of the Nardo Inc. A company that his father had worked hard to build and now has passed down the throne to him. Matthew has everything that a man can take pride in. The women, cars, houses and so much more. Yet he feels that his life is incomplete. 

Matthew denies that he's that kind of guy. You know the marrying type well, that's what he thought until he met Becky Regina Brooks. He knows that she's different. The kind of woman you can present to the family and he wants her.

#6 Opposite Attracts (04/16/17)
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ShakeDosTitties ShakeDosTitties 6 days ago
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ShakeDosTitties ShakeDosTitties 6 days ago
^^same, would pretend my alarm didn't go off or I didn't feel well
I can't with the name!😂😂😂 I'm bout to rename her, cause all I think is Becky with the good hair.😂😂
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