Christmas Wish

Christmas Wish

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AnnieLucas By AnnieLucas Updated Dec 27, 2010

Dear Reader,

This little piece was written for the 2010 LJ GuyxMarian Secret Santa for the lovely Perteltote. I hope you enjoy this as it is the longest piece I've written to date. Helpful comments are gratefully accepted.

Disclaimer: Guy and Marian belong to legend, and actually Sir Guy of Gisborne belongs to Richard Armitage. No money is being made and no copyright infringement is intended or implied.


The Christmas Wish

Nottingham Castle

Lady Marian of Knighton leaned her back against the door to her bedroom, her hands still on the handle. The servants' laughter echoed through the door. She lifted her face and closed her eyes tightly. Afraid the tears would come unbidden and unstoppable in so public a place, she hurried through the castle hallway, wrapping her cream and gold cape about her, her hands clenching her cloak and long dark blue skirt so not to impede her quickening steps. She passed servants her...

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