Lights Out [H.S.]

Lights Out [H.S.]

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COMPLETED *This story contains MATURE and EXPLICIT content*

This is the first book of the All The Lights Trilogy

#1 in Harry (april 3rd, 2020)
#4 in Fanfiction (april 9th, 2020)

She moaned again and her hands grabbed my hair to pull me back to her lips and I kissed her again, allowing the tip of my fingers to play with her hardened nipples over the lace of her bra. Her back arched towards me and her skirt was now bunched up on her hips, revealing the matching lace panties she was wearing.

"Fuck, I'm about to tear this off your body," I whispered against her lips, quickly brushing my knuckles over the front of her underwear and feeling how warm and wet she was. "Would you want that?"


After Jeff Azoff has to step down from his position, Brooke is next in line at Full Stop Management to fill in, and being the CEO's niece might have helped her just a bit.

And even though Harry wasn't planning on keeping her around, he didn't expect the growing tension between them to be so uncontrollable. It could change everything.

But Brooke has no idea of the dark secrets behind Harry's hatred for her family, or just how much she's going to get tangled in it.

Started March 17th, 2020
Finished April 16th, 2020