Vampire (muke) ✔️

Vampire (muke) ✔️

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Hannah :) By CookieIrwin12 Completed

In Forks, Michael Clifford is not the most popular boy, only has a few friends. But when the Hemmings clan comes to town. Him and a boy called Luke instantly connect. But there's a problem... 

Well let's just say, Luke is not exactly like Michael. He's not.... human.

Okay so this is kind of like twilight but not like twilight if you get what I mean okay yeah just enjoy :)))

heathensl heathensl May 10
i want to dye my hair a weird color on summer but im kinda scared
Blondhes Blondhes Mar 11
That's what I wonder. Like my step-mom is always so cherry and I've always thought nobody can be that happy that early in the morning. I've made my mom not say good morning to me anymore because happy people in the morning disgust me. Besides how do u know it's a good morning if u just woke up
IceyWoo IceyWoo Sep 12
Pro tip: don't dye your hair if you like wearing white. The back of my band uniform is stained with 3 different hair dye colors 😄
                              Luke Hemmings
                              *slowly fades into nothingness*
ryanrosswho ryanrosswho Aug 18
at least he's not obsessed w you..;-;
                              you should meet my ex ..
After I read that I thought of 
                              " The named Bond, James Bond."