Who's the New She-Wolf? (Unfinished B/C of Issues at Home)

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Peace_Love_ChiSox By Peace_Love_ChiSox Updated 3 years ago
Evana Moon was hated by her whole pack after her parents die. Soon she finds her mate, only to figure out he is the Alpha, and gets kicked out of the pack and forced to go rouge. Afterwards, hunters show up and Evana is back in the game, but with a pack of her own. What happens when she meets her old pack, mate and brother again? Karma's a bitch you know...
Please update soon I love your book and I'm very impressed with the story plot it's unlike most that I've read with her now an alpha
I absolutely love this story!!! But the thing is I just don't know why either....um yea B-).      =-O
please could you update it's been so long and it's really good. you have all my votes for the chapters
I really like yout story and I've been waiting for an update, please tell me you'll be updating soon.
I love this book when will u update (hopefully soon) cause I've been telling my friends about this book so that they can read it
Great story hope you update soon can't wait to find out what happens