Ghost of You (frerard)

Ghost of You (frerard)

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I'm never any good with descriptions. I'm sorry.
This is a Frerard.

Gerard feels like his life is finally falling into place when he moves into a small place with his boyfriend Bert, a recovering alcoholic. But one night things go horribly wrong and Gerard is faced with his finality: Death.
40 years later a small family moves into the house, unaware of the tragedy. Their only child Frank starts to notice when things move on their own accord. Little does Gerard know, Frank can see him. Will Frank help Gerard put his soul to rest? What happened to Bert? Does he return? *le dramatic music* BUM BUM BUUUUUHM.

smut and trigger warning

I'm excited! This kind of reminds me of Wintertime? Ya know? Or maybe u don't, I hope you don't take offence to that! Oh dear lord, please don't get mad at me (/ω\). First chapter here we gooo! Yey!(≧∀≦)
WerewolfMcWherewolf WerewolfMcWherewolf Oct 29, 2016
okay so it said smut warning and i really need to know how the fuçk you frick frack a ghost i mean
- - Mar 25, 2016
My friend says that she hates MCR and Frerard and all that...
                              She's no longer my friend lol
gerardsmiddlefinger gerardsmiddlefinger Apr 05, 2016
Society: You're literally shipping two grown, married men that have kids
                              Me: Frnk n Gerd r doin da bumsecks tonite #frnktops2k16
peteshwentzel peteshwentzel Jun 13, 2016
i have decided i am going to read every one of your fics get ready for my comments
xoTragician xoTragician Sep 13, 2015
I can already feel the feels and tears that i'm gonna get from reading this!