New Dimensions (Siblings In Love)

New Dimensions (Siblings In Love)

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The angel of my Heavens, Anmay... My Anmay.... . My brother very well knows that how he's supposed to treat me like a Goddess and he does that to perfection. Last night, it was as if I was the Sex Goddess and my brother was a true devotee. He worshipped following all the rituals so that he could please me. He sure did. If I actually were to give him a boon, I would say Amen to whatever he would wish for. Last night I was craving to kiss him once again ― a thank you kiss maybe, but we couldn't do it in the crowd. This stupid society and its idiotic rules do not allow siblings to kiss each other even on the cheek in public after a certain age, forget about a lip-lock. A couple of them would have fainted having witnessed us kissing. 

Pritha narrates the story of her New Dimensional Relationship with her Brother Anmay starting from where it began from and what struggles did they have to go through. Will their mother and the society accept their relationship or...?

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