Invasion of Privacy

Invasion of Privacy

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Ian By ianhsutherland Updated Aug 24, 2014

A vicious killer luring young women to their deaths. A website for voyeurs impervious to hacking. A police investigation team getting nowhere fast.

A serial killer observes his victims from afar . . .
. . . studying their behaviour so that they can be unwittingly lured to their death.

Elite computer hacker, Brody Taylor, attacks an illegal voyeuristic website . . .
. . . stumbling across a killer’s online hunting ground.

London police detective, DI Jenny Price, investigates a brutal murder . . .
. . . struggling to determine how the killer knew so much about the beautiful young cellist.

As hacker and detective embark on an uncomfortable collaboration, the killer lures his next unsuspecting victim . . .

The Deep Web Thriller Series:
The Deep Web Thriller series features Brody Taylor, an elite computer hacker who specialises in hacking and social engineering the weakest link of all computer systems: the humans who use them.

SOCIAL ENGINEER - A Deep Web Thriller #0

INVASION OF PRIVACY - A Deep Web Thriller #1

If you love intricately plotted thrillers with unexpected twists that are packed with technology and great characters, read INVASION OF PRIVACY now.

PLEASE NOTE: I'm posting the first eight chapters of Invasion of Privacy on Wattpad as a taster for the full novel, available now on Amazon. The prequel, SOCIAL ENGINEER, has been posted in its entirety on Wattpad.