How to Write a Great Horror Story

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Michael Whitehouse By MichaelWhitehouse6 Updated a year ago
In this book you will find essential tips, tricks, and techniques which will help you to craft the most frightening of tales...
Just added this to my library, I always like learning new writing tricks.
Okay, so far so good but you need to update. You've given us the starter but where's the main? V
This is incredibly helpful. You sir are a saint for creating this helpful guide. Kudos. :)
                                    I don't generally write horrors, all though i may give it an attempt at some stage.
Really great tips! Your definitely one of the best writers I have seen on wattpad. I know this and I've only read up to here on your guide to horror stories.
Thanks for writing this guide as I'm sure it'll become handy in the future. Can't wait to get tips and get started. I've never actually written but I'd like to try.
People intrested in contests for publishing like the one at should read this.