Where The Devil Says Goodnight

Where The Devil Says Goodnight

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The gloomy evening pressed in around the drawing room of Dwor Kruczewski. Despite it being two months off the solstice, and still light after dinner, no-one was in the mood for leaving the house. Leszek Pawlicki had gone to Panczewo to visit relatives, leaving his wife to keep her father company. Halina had not come down for dinner again, for the fourth night in a row.

"Have you contacted Carrie yet, Papa?" Celina asked. 

"I'm in two minds whether I ought to go down," the old squire said, poker in hand, absent-mindedly stoking the fire. With the sun descending, there was a need for a fire. "With your mother in such a state I can't abandon her, and there's always work to be done on the estate. How long can you stay with us?"

"Leszek needs to be back in Lvinsk in a week's time. Someone telegraphed him about an employee allegedly embezzling from us, and..."

"If I'm to go anywhere, I need you to stay here and look after your Mamma," he said. "Leszek will need to go home if th...