There Was No Moving On (Heroes Of Olympus Fanfiction)

There Was No Moving On (Heroes Of Olympus Fanfiction)

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My cousin....Miguel. By DisbemyDamAccount Updated Feb 03, 2017

Annabeth had been through a lot of physical, emotional and mental pain before.

But none of those could compare to this.

The emptiness- No. Not emptiness. 




Not emptiness.

It hurt so much that it was worse than dying. 

HE left a whole in her heart. The whole that he left was worse than Luke's.

And she hate HIM for that.

HE left her a scar that not even ambrosia and nectar could cure. 

HE left her dying.

She wanted to kill herself. She wanted to cut herself. 

After everything she did to survive...she wanted to give up.

But she just couldn't. 

He wouldn't want her too.

He would want her to stop hurting and move on.

But she just couldn't.

She was alive and dead at the same time.

That's how it felt when Percy Jackson died.

There was no moving on from Percy Jackson.

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All_Hale_Slytherin All_Hale_Slytherin Dec 16, 2017
I have stuff coming out of my eyes....and my mom asked why I was crying... so now I am confused cuz I dont cry.....
25chasegawa 25chasegawa Feb 06
I watched the video and was like. 
                              "Oh so this story's gonna be good. Ok"
ChildoftheSea14 ChildoftheSea14 Aug 07, 2017
My friend made me watch that. Her house became a swimming pool of tears.
iceboxwomen iceboxwomen Mar 18, 2017
I watch this and I'm that person that doesn't cry at stuff like the  this but at the end, my eyes burned
MythDefender MythDefender Oct 26, 2017
How to distract the Percy Jackson fandom from killing you make a Dam joke
TheRiseOfMerthur TheRiseOfMerthur Dec 11, 2015
Don't you worry
                              Don't you worry 
                              The heavens have a plan for you.