Random Play

Random Play

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Chipmunk ♕ By rosieposeydiditagain Updated Sep 11

"RELATIONSHIP" was never in their vocabulary. Both just enjoying their time at college. Never even knowing the other exists.

Lisa a photography major who also happens to have a passion in dancing always gets both guys and girls to tail on her. Always up for a hot one night stand.

On the otherhand, this head turner fashion design student named Jennie who always saunters into the unversity oozing with charisma and appeal. Never bothered to be captured by anyone.

Both not looking for love. Definitely a match to fill each other's beds and needs. What will happen when the two hottest chick on campus became each other's random play? Would they be able to stick with their no strings attached agreement? Or will they cluelessly discover something that they never thought they are capable of? - Falling in love.